Jessica, please come and come and come again.

If I ever got an invitation to the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I think I would have a simultaneous orgasm and collapse. I think this event displays more inventive, stylish and generally cool fashion than any other – including the Oscars and like, Anna Wintour’s birthday or something.

This year they had an Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty tribute, which was entirely fitting. However as I’ve been slowly but surely getting drunk off all of the images being posted, I cannot help but notice two things:

1) Stella McCartney seems to be the designer of choice, notwithstanding, the clothes are sumptuous, but I thought that there would be more McQueen creations swanning around, and;

2) The Chanel pieces are somewhat gross. I don’t know, Chanel is my favourite design house, and while the outifts worn were quintessentially Chanel, they just seemed plain ugly.

3) Not as ugly as Kristin Stewart and her sack-like Proenza Schouler gown. It looked like she was wearing a hippy curtain. And she looked fat. Urgh I just despise her so much.

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Without a doubt though, Eva Mendes in that Stella McCartney blue fabulouso creation…just the best dressed. The sexiest woman. The most beautiful colour. Oh Gawd.


~ by jsier on May 4, 2011.

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