The lure of credit…

I am very asset-rich, cash-poor at the moment. If I look at my life like a business, I am in a very dangerous financial position. Nick would not necessarily be happy with the way that I’m conducting my finances at the moment. I’ll tell you what though, I’ve put an order in to sell those ridiculous HAW stocks as soon as they hit 0.02 again. That’s the last time I take trading advice from a stock forum, that’s for sure.

I spent most of this week’s money on flying Tash up from Sydney for my birthday party. Unfortunately she missed the flight, and I don’t really have the balls to ask for that $250 back. Instead I drowned myself in the new Fendi collection, easter chocolate and bought these two dresses and two blouses on my credit card. Sigh.

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I simply cannot help it, I have an enormous crush on the model from Silver Tooth Vintage. Something about the nonchalant way she rocks the dresses…I have no idea if she’s the owner of the store or what, but I do remember seeing her once in West End when Silver Tooth Vintage had a stall there. Anyway, I snagged these two dresses for about $50 together. I’d been eyeing that blue one for a while.

Dreamer Vintage had a drastic sale and I poached these two tops for 20c each. I am in desperate need of new blouses to wear for work. And for some reason my money keeps dwindling away…


~ by jsier on April 28, 2011.

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