Vionnet heart palpitations.

Madeleine Vionnet was an exceptionally talented and revolutionary haute couture designer, who opened the Vionnet Fashion House in 1912. She was famous for creating the ‘bias-cut’ – a technique whereby the fabric is cut diagonally across the weave and allows the material to cling to the body, but still move with it  This was unheard of in Vionnet’s time, mostly because of society’s love of corsets and padding to distort the female form.

Vionnet’s clothing, in my opinion, are breathtaking. Her understanding of the female body is so evident in the way that the dresses fall and the draping that she loved to play with. Haute World alerted me to the fact that there is an exhibition of a huge variety of her designs in Paris at the moment. I wish I had enough cash so that when I dipped over to London in June, I could skip over the gap and see it in France.

OMG that dress has been posting vintage Vionnet dresses all week and a fair few of them have increased my heart rate considerably. A lot of them are totally wearable though; I could imagine so many of them sweeping down a red carpet.

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~ by jsier on April 21, 2011.

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