Grass Activities with Kanye West?

What’s in the grass?


This fucking man and his rhymes and his steeze and his style and his sex and his out of this world ridiculously awesome funky know-how and his voice which makes me want to rip off his well tailored and always impeccable suits.

The Splendour in the Grass Line-Up is a bit epic, to be honest. So epic, I may have to invest some funds in it. And paint myself a t-shirt that says “KANYE WEST: ROLL IN THE GRASS WITH ME“. E.T.

This song has a few dubstep remixes made of it, but I can’t find one that really makes me want to lose my mind. But I think that this song is just so excellent to dance and have sex to. I hope he rocks that out.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Coldplay and Jane’s Addiction. Although there is only one Jane’s Addiction song that I absolutely love and I have a feeling they mightn’t lug out their steel drums for it. I also have a voice-crush on the boys from Bliss and Eso, so seeing them in person would be rather fulfilling in the fantasy department. This song makes me want to go out and rage.

Speaking of Australian hip-hop Drapht is in Brisbane this weekend at the Hi-Fi in West End! A security guard called Leif with whom I used to work at The Fox works there. Hopefully he can sort out some tickets for me and the boys.


~ by jsier on April 13, 2011.

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