Watchin’ Westerns, Warmin’ Urp.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my winter wardrobe for 2011. Today is a miserable, rainy day in Brisbane and as I was walking through the CBD I was keeping an eye out for inspiration re: a winter coat. This Sheik coat is so casually sexy in that camel that I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw it in Vogue.


I like idea of having super deep pockets and a kind red-riding-hood-esque hood. Although I’ve been thinking of just diving into Endos in Paddington and pulling out some over-the-top but fabulously warm fur coat. Kind of ridiculous thinking of rocking fur all winter in Brisbane. But still…

Always a fan of patent things. I thought this Olga Berg Handbag was deliciously sharp in red; also liked like tan but for some reason the link isn’t working.

Olga Berg Patent Shoulder Bag Red | $79.95

Autumn seems to have been very short this year. My birthday came and went with several new additions to my collective wardrobe. Mostly accessories actually:

Herme inspired bag. Don't think it's real, unfortunately. Actually I'm quite sure that it's not. $45

Soft and pliable Floral Sneakers. $1.50

Flower sneaker-things. Very soft and pliable. $1.50

Snaked these from Lifeline CBD. They are super high, but I have a feeling that I'll probably wear them a lot this winter. $20.00

This was a birthday present from Evan. It's so amazing. Large enough to be a clutch. And my phone can be easily wrapped up in it. From a store in West End. I'll try and find out the name. $60.00

Open. Soft calf leather.

And this is a wonky picture of me showing off the pendant my parents bought me for my 21st. I'm also wearing a Calvin Klein soft woollen jumper. $25.00

So I need to find a coat, some solid flats that are warm and a cape!


~ by jsier on April 8, 2011.

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