She looked like she’d been poured into that dress.

Oh God, if only I could sew.

And as a result, I’ve made it a resolution for 2011. To learn how to do it, at least a little bit. This is a list of what I think I’ll try to master:

  1. Fitting and altering. I would like to learn how to measure myself perfectly. I think that this would be valuable when I’m looking at second hand clothes. And as a result of  understanding fitting, I would like to be able to then alter clothes to fit me properly.
  2. Stitching. Be able to fix clothes when I fucking rip them. And have them stay fixed. Learn different stitches for different fabrics. And put buttons on – but dude, even I can potentially manage that.
  3. Hemming etc. Generally being able to put cool things onto things.

I bought a Lisa Ho dress about a month ago, and it’s absolutely lovely. It is, however, probably about two sizes too big at the waist. The thing that daunts me more than anything however, is the fact that it’s panelled.

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Lisa Ho Pink Patterned Cocktail Dress from Revamp Vintage // $20

My housemate Lucy made this music video for a song that Swim and Charlie Why made. It’s pretty awesome.


~ by jsier on January 10, 2011.

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