I’d marry you if I could wear this dress?

Can you believe how exquisite this dress is? It just looks so incredibly soft and like it would just flow with movement.

I wish I had a place to wear a dress like this.

Ivory-White Lined Sheer-Tulle & Black-Lace Trimming

Vintage Ivory White Tulle by TimelessVixenVintage. // $300.00

I dislike how vintage dresses are always displayed with pearls. Pearls rock; yes. But it just doesn’t really give the dress that much credit. Especially gorgeous clothes from the 1950s. It just makes them look matronly?

I found another wedding dress that I would happily pledge myself in, from the Valentino Retrospective from when it slizzered Brisbane. I can’t find an image of it though, which is depressing.

Young and Famous // Orfeus (Bedlam Records)

This has been the song I’ve been losing my shit over for the past few weeks. The guys I live with produced this track and were telling me about this elusive, American Orfeus character.

I wouldn’t, you know, mind meeting him.


~ by jsier on December 26, 2010.

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